Biden Calls Trump ‘A Threat to the Democratic Process'

Vice President Joe Biden says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is "questioning the legitimacy of our democracy," by claiming that the election may be "rigged" and he may not accept its results.

"The things Donald Trump is saying and doing is a threat to the democratic process," Biden said during a campaign stop for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. "He's attacking the very essence of the notion that we have a democratic system."

Biden added that Trump's assertion in Wednesday's debate that the U.S. doesn't know who is behind the hacks of the Clinton campaign emails undermines the legitimacy of U.S. intelligence officials.

"He's said our country has no idea," Biden said. "He's sending a message saying America is weak, they're crippled, they cannot move forward. That's how he's keeping support in Russia. He says as a major party candidate, for the world to hear - playing into the hands of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin - that our country has no idea. Can you fathom any presidential candidate ever having said that?

Biden said it's entirely possible that Trump is "so stupid" that he doesn't understand the damage he is doing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is far beyond a bad character with women," he said.

He also said Trump has made so many "asinine assertions" that a debate over policy ideas has been drowned out.

Thursday's visit to Nashua was one of three New England stops for Biden this week. He was in Boston Wednesday and will be in Vermont on Friday speaking about the White House's Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

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