Jeni's Ice Cream Officials Say Listeria Found at Plant, in Other Pints

The bacteria was initially found in one pint of ice cream, leading the company to recall all frozen treats and close stores Thursday

An Ohio ice cream maker says listeria has been found in other pints and in its production facility.

The bacteria had been found in a pint of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in Nebraska, leading the company on Thursday to recall its frozen treats from the shelves and close its stores in six states.

In a statement Friday, Jeni's CEO John Lowe says listeria was present in other pints in the same batch, and there are indications listeria will be confirmed in another flavor from a different batch.

Lowe said the company had begun an extensive cleaning process to rid the Columbus production facility of listeria found in swabs there.

Ohio food safety testers are adding ice cream to the list of items they pull from store shelves to check for contamination.

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