‘It Was So Quick': Crew Members of Sunken Yacht Recall Ordeal

Thirteen people were rescued from a sinking yacht Monday evening after it started taking on water off Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The yacht is now underwater, approximately 13 nautical miles from shore.

The Brazilian luxury yacht is seen floating and bobbing for the last time in hyperlapse video of its final moments above the surface. A U.S. Coast Guard plane captured the video, which shows some sort of explosion just before it went under.

"The mayday call was something that we immediately respond to and because of that we were able to get on scene and make sure that they were safe," said Lt. Tasha Sadowicz, USCG.

All 13 people on board were rescued, just minutes before the ship sank. Seven crew members and six passengers arrived at the Coast Guard station on Miami Beach just before midnight.

It was about 6:30 p.m. when the captain said he first noticed water in the gas cabin.

"It was so quick. Saw the water inside the boat. Everything was so fast," Capt. Gabriel Marens said.

The 106-foot yacht disappeared beneath the waves. Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale said the 3-year-old vessel is unrecoverable, likely now under 1,200-feet of water.

Crew members said they were headed to the Bahamas, and had good reason to trust the Serena III would make it there without a problem.

"We took that boat to Europe, so the boat's a sturdy boat. I didn't think it was gonna sink," First Officer Perry Thomas said.

Coast Guard officials are now investigating what exactly brought the yacht down, although running aground at Port Everglades seems to be most likely.

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