Irate Woman Trashes Tampa Starbucks After Staff Refused to Give Her Change

When deputies arrived, they arrested 32-year-old Abigail Juanita Rowe

A Florida woman is accused of trashing a Tampa Starbucks after employees refused to give her change for the bus.

Abigail Juanita Rowe, 32, walked into the Starbucks on Big Bend Road and asked for change, according to the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office. When a barista told her they don’t open the register for change, deputies say Rowe started knocking over display shelves and turning over tables and chairs. 

Leslie McHugh said she was standing in line when Rowe threw a temper tantrum and captured the aftermath on cellphone video.

"It took me a second to realize no one was joking around. She was legitimately angry," explained McHugh.

McHugh's 7-year-old daughter was at her side and she moved to protect her child as the situation escalated.

"The lady shoved over a couple of displays. [My daughter] wasn't injured but it definitely scared her and [she] fell on her legs," said McHugh.

At the end of the video, a Starbucks employee can be heard helping McHugh's daughter. "I was really impressed with the staff. They ushered us into the back room, a stock room."

Other customers, three men and a woman, moved in to subdue the erratic woman. McHugh said the woman wanted to leave, telling the customers police officers knew where to find her. The customers refused and held her down until police arrived.

When deputies arrived, they arrested her. While searching, they say they found marijuana and paraphernalia in her pockets.

Authorities said Rowe would undergo a mental evaluation. Rowe is charged with criminal mischief, trespassing and possession of marijuana.

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