Indiana Teen Gets Last Bite After Being Fat-Shamed at Bakery

Though Vega Blossom admitted her move was “petty,” many on social media praised her response, including the bakery

When Vega Blossom was fat-shamed by a fellow customer at an Indiana bakery, she got the last bite – literally.

In a widely-shared Facebook post, the 19-year-old wrote about her experience while waiting in line at Designer Desserts in Valparaiso, where she had gone with plans to buy a half-dozen cupcakes for Easter.

Blossom wrote that the woman standing in front of her in line took "forever" placing an order for a cake, prompting the lady behind Blossom to grow impatient.

“I ignored it until the lady infront [sic] of me left,” her post read.

But when it was Blossom’s turn to order, as she approached the counter, she said she heard the woman standing behind her tell a friend “let's hope this fat b---- doesn’t buy all the cupcakes,’” the post read.

Blossom’s response?

Instead of buying six cupcakes, she bought all the cupcakes available in the bakery.

“I SPENT $54 ON CUPCAKES JUST TO BE A B----,” her post read. “HAPPY EASTER.”

Though Blossom admitted the move was “petty,” many on social media praised her response, including the bakery.

Designer Desserts-Valparaiso wrote on Facebook Wednesday that the incident was “unsettling.”

“Geeze people, its a cupcake shop, if it wasn't for all of us thick 'n juicy Americans who love to indulge in sweets, I wouldn't have a business,” the post read. “So please, if you are the one who made these remarks, unlike my page and please buy your cupcakes elsewhere, and for anyone else who feels it necessary to be so uncouth, please take your business elsewhere, as we will ask you to leave if we hear things like this.”

Blossom, whose initial post was shared more than 26,000 times, later noted that the bakery has since sent cupcakes to her work “two days in a row.”

“I am honestly so thankful for these guys and everything they have done for me,” she wrote.

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