Indiana Pizzeria ‘Unwittingly' Caters Gay Couple's Vow Renewal Ceremony

An Indiana pizzeria that made headlines after one of its owners said she would decline to cater a gay wedding 'unwittingly' catered a vow renewal ceremony for a gay couple.

After Governor Mike Pence signed a “Religious Freedom” bill that critics said allowed businesses to refuse service to gays, Memories Pizza’s Crystal O’Connor said to a news station that she would decline to cater a gay wedding because of her religious beliefs.

Robin Trevino and his husband, Jason Delgatto, renewed their vows this weekend, and the couple decided to get two pizzas from the restaurant for guests, Trevino told NBC Chicago. 

Trevino, who is a member of the comedy troupe GayCo Ensemble, wanted to appear "straight and confident" as he ordered the pies from the restaurant, according to a video of the purchase and subsequent ceremony that the troupe posted to YouTube. One of the people in the establishment appeared to be O’Connor.

The video then shows the couple renewing their vows and serving the pizza to a crowd.

"Ever since the SCOTUS decision to make same-sex marriage the law of the land, people have asked my husband and I if we were planning to renew our vows. This seemed like the perfect opportunity," Trevino said to NBC Chicago in an email. "I decided to have them unwittingly cater my ceremony to put a blemish on their legacy of prideful discrimination."

Memories Pizza would not discuss the transaction on the phone.

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