Obama: King of the World?

One more thing to freak out the president's critics

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President Obama's big agenda has created a passionate opposition that is willing to believe the worst in his motives. The stimulus package and other spending has caused critics to declare that he wants to bankrupt the nation.  The health care plan has led people to call him "socialist." His ending the European missile defense has brought assertions that he's naive and a pacifist. His speech to the nation's school kids raised charges of "indoctrination." 

It seems that just about the only thing Obama hasn't inspired in his critics on the right is that old chestnut that liberals want to start a "one-world government."


As if right on cue, on Wednesday, Barack Obama becomes the first U.S. President to chair a special session of the United Nations Security Council.  That will follow his first address to the UN General Assembly.  He's expected to be welcomed warmly by participants -- with a possible standing ovation.

What a contrast it will be to Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, who was "greeted" with diffidence, if not outright hostility, from the 120 member body.  Remember Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's contemptible "the devil came here yesterday" speech three years ago the day after Bush spoke?  Chavez received only the mildest of rebukes from the Office of the General Secretary. 

None of this is necessarily good for Obama. 

The public has something of a love-hate relationship with the rest of the world.  Americans don't like being universally hated, but the contempt that many U.N. member-states have for the U.S. is returned by the public.  That Obama will end up having to tolerate the usual U.S./Israel bashing from "usual suspects" like Moammar Kaddafy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the aforementioned Chavez is one reason why a significant segment of the American people can't stand the U.N. (the fact that the organization dumps on our country -- even as it has benefited from having its headquarters in New York since its founding 60-plus years ago -- also galls upon Americans). 

And, again, Obama will be the first U.S. president to chair a special U.N. session -- on arms control and nuclear non-proliferation.  On a Security Council that will include Libya!!! The jokes write themselves. 

In short, a standing ovation from a club that would have the likes of some of the world's biggest rogues as members is an "honor" that Obama might want to avoid.  "King of the world!!!!" is a title he doesn't want from this group -- and one charge that his domestic critics will only be too quick to lay on his head.   

 New York writer Robert A. George blogs at Ragged Thots. Follow him on Twitter.  

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