Illiterate Burglar Blames Victim in Court-Ordered Letter

Unrepentant thiefs says homeowner asked for it

A teenage burglar blamed his "dumb" victims in a barely literate letter he was ordered to write by the British penal system.

The 16-year-old's letter, which was not delivered to the victim, was released by West Yorkshire police in the northern English city of Leeds to raise awareness to what goes on in the minds of thieves.The unnamed criminal was ordered to write a letter of apology, though it didn't read like one.

I"I don't no (sic) why I am writing a letter to you! I have been forced to write this letter by ISSP," he wrote, referring to a program that administers non-custodial punishment to young offenders. "To be honest I'm not bothered or sorry about the fact that I burgled your house. Basicly (sic) it was your own fault anyways (sic). I'm going to run you through the dumb mistakes you made."

The boy noted his victims failed to draw their curtains before they went to sleep and were "thick enough" to leave their downstairs window open.

"But anyways I don't feel sorry for you and Im (sic) not going to show any sympath (sic) or remores (sic)," the teen concluded.

The burglar stole a computer games console, camera, camcorder, two TVs and two speakers, according to the Daily Mail. Most of the items were recovered.

West Yorkshire police Chief Inspector Melanie Jones urged property owners to be vigilant.

"The contents of the letter are disgusting but it does highlight the cold and dispassionate way burglars select a property to target."

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