Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park Lagoon Fenced Off as Hunt for Gator Continues

The eastern half of the lagoon was closed to the public entirely to create a more quiet environment

As part of a new strategy to catch an alligator that’s been on the lam in Chicago’s Humboldt Park lagoon for several days, the city has instituted new closures around the water and called in a gator expert from Florida to bring the reptilian saga to an end.

Chicago Animal Care and Control announced the changes in a statement saying that the eastern half of the Humboldt Park Lagoon would be closed to the public beginning on Sunday night, and will remain closed until the alligator is captured.

Specifically, the boathouse parking lot at the park closed at 9 p.m., as did the park and pedestrian paths east of North Humboldt Drive in an effort to “create an environment that lends to the animal's safe capture,” the agency said. 

At 11 p.m. Sunday night, all access to North Luis Munoz Marin Drive east of Humboldt Drive was closed to the public until further notice, the agency said.

The western half of Humboldt Park will remain open, including the swimming area and the field house.

The new strategy comes as the CACC hired Frank Robb, an alligator expert who owns Crocodilian Specialist Services in Florida. Robb was recommended by local experts in Florida, and arrived in Chicago on Sunday for an examination of the area surrounding the lagoon.

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