Holiday Gift Guide: Culinary Gadgets

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Tired of ordering out? Become a professional gyoza chef with this tool that makes it easy to make perfect pot-stickers every time. Price: $69.
Here's a great gift for cookie monsters who are tired of the cookie crumbling when dipped in milk or other liquids. This product cradles the cookie to prevent it from falling apart, and without causing sticky or messy fingers. Price: $15.
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Squeeze more goodness out of fruit and vegetables with this Philips juicer. MicroMasticating technology extracts as much as possible, so you get more vitamins, nutrients and fiber in every cup. Price: $329.95.
Enjoy homemade cold treats even quicker now. Create your own ice pops that can be savored in as little as seven minutes. Price: $49.95.
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This cordless electric wine opener can remove a wine cork in seconds, up to 30 bottle per charge. It also comes with a foil cutter to easily remove seals, making this the perfect kit for any wine lover. Price: 26.99.
This scale is compatible with iOS devices such as the iPad mini, iPad 3rd generation & above, iPhone 4S and above. The accompanying app is loaded with recipes and can help you prepare your meal. Price: $78.99.
Cooking eggs just got easier with this electric egg maker. It can cook up to seven hard-boiled eggs at once and includes three egg-poaching trays. Price: $39.95.
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Fizzics machine improves the flavor and taste of ordinary canned and bottled beer. The technology in it enhances the carbonation and aroma of beer while providing a smooth, creamy, full-body flavor and taste without the use of additives or chemicals. Price: $169.99.
Perfect for beautifying cakes, cookies and more, this decorating tool makes it easy to be precise and artistic. Price: $16.90.
Get creative with your breakfast with this pancake printer. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot via SD card, and the printer will automatically dispense batter directly onto the griddle. Price: $299.99.
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Bring the bar to your home with this app-controlled appliance that mixes cocktails for you. The app presents you with a menu based on the ingredients you already have and can suggest what ingredients you need for the drink of your choice. Price: $429.
Bluetooth technology can now be part of your barbecue experience. The thermometer notifies your electronic device when your food is ready to enjoy. Price: $99.99.
From breakfast bowls to ice cream sundaes, this waffle gadget makes it easy to take your waffle bowl to go. Price: $39.99.
Forget pricey coffee, now you can order a cup of custom-brewed coffee from your phone and have it waiting for you in your kitchen. This coffeemaker includes an app so you can turn on the brewer and manage all your brewing preferences from your smartphone. Price: $249.95.
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Looking for a fast and easy way to make healthy Greek yogurt in your home? Create your own yummy flavors and save money with this compact yogurt maker. Price: $39.99.
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