Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Harks Back to Lynch Mobs

Donald Trump is "inciting mob violence" that recalls lynch mobs, Hillary Clinton said Monday evening at an MSNBC townhall, where she also took tough questions on foreign policy and trade.

Clinton told MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who moderated the event in Springfield, Illinois, that she holds Trump responsible for the violence seen in recent days at his rallies, and believes his rhetoric is not only wrong and offensive, but also "dangerous." "He's been building this incitement," she said.

"When you are inciting mob violence, which is what Trump is doing," Clinton said, "there's a lot of memories that people have. They're in the DNA. People remember mob violence that lead to lynching, people remember mob violence that lead to people being shot, being grabbed, being mistreated. And it's something that has a deep, almost psychological resonance to people who have ever been in any position of feeling somewhat fearful, somewhat worried."

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