@HiddenCash Originator Stashes Envelopes in Chicago

The envelopes were stashed around Millennium Park Sunday

The man who originated the "hidden cash" Twitter craze that started in San Francisco and sparked copycat events across the nation has made his way to Chicago.

Anonymous benefactor and San Francisco real estate investor Jason Buzi, who started the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, has been making his way to various cities this weekend, dropping money-filled envelopes around New York and Houston.

On Sunday, he targeted the Windy City.

Within 10 minutes, one envelope had already been found and the first clue started a mini-gold rush in the city's Millennium Park.

Fernando Fernandez spent his morning searching for the hidden money and his hunt eventually paid off when he found an enveloped tucked underneath a bench.

"I found $60 from Hidden Cash on Twitter," he told NBC Chicago. "It's been a great time. It's fun, really fun."

Fernandez said he has been following the movement since it first gained popularity on the West Coast.

"I'm definitely going to help people out now when I get the chance," he said. "All because [@HiddenCash]."

Employees working in the area said they were surprised by the scavenger hunt.

"We came to work and were setting up the concession stands and a man was screaming he was happy, really, really, happy," said Park Grill Concessions employee Cyara Tanon. "We went to go see what it was and he picked up an envelope and then he pulled out the money."

Tanon said the man found the envelope on a set of stairs.

"It looked like a lot," she said. "Big bills."

But not everyone was quite as lucky.

"We've been looking for like an hour," said Sydney Lenzini. "It's getting a little annoying, but it's money."

According to the Twitter page, the green gifts in Chicago may not end with Father's Day.

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