Having a ‘Breed Reveal Party' for Your Rescue Dog

Did you rescue a pet at Clear the Shelters this weekend? How about having a breed reveal party?

My husband and I adopted our pup, Rosie, after working Clear the Shelters last year.

We adore her and people are always asking what breed she is. So, we swabbed her cheek and sent her DNA off to a company called Wisdom Panel to find out (there are other options, too)!

We were so excited to reveal the results that we decided to follow the gender reveal model and had a breed reveal party!

We let everyone guess first. My husband knew the results, though I didn’t, so he set it all up, putting the three breeds the company identified on little pieces of paper inside three balloons.

I popped the balloons and pit bull, Labrador retriever and Great Pyrenees came spilling out!

Great Pyrenees was a huge surprise since she’s not a giant, fluffy white dog.

We say she’s still a purebred Dallas street dog since a quarter was unidentifiable — a mix of hunting and sporting dogs.

The company will send you a whole family tree and it is super neat to discover your rescue’s roots.

Plus, you can learn of any diseases or conditions that are likely to affect your pup.

Now we know what to say when people stop us on the street, asking what our pretty dog is – and it’s always nice to have another reason for a party!

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