“Grimm” Premieres to Twitter Fans

You can see it online two weeks before TV

People who follow the new show "Grimm" on Twitter (@NBCGrimm) will have the opportunity to see the show online starting today, two weeks before the series premieres on NBC.

Anyone who follows the account will receive a direct message with a URL and code to view the full episode online, until the series premieres on television Oct. 28.

At the same time, some cast members and producers will go on tour, showing the premiere in theaters in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.; Denver; Atlanta; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Seattle and Portland.

"Grimm" is the tale of a homicide detective, played by David Giuntol,  who discovers he is a descendent of a line "charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world."

For those who don't go to the screenings or follow the show on Twitter, there will be 20-minute previews of the premiere available on NBC.com, Hulu and other sites starting Oct. 21.

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