Google Glass Gets Woman Ticketed

An officer noticed the high-tech eyewear after pulling her over for speeding

A Southern California driver testing a Google Glass prototype was pulled over and ticketed for something she didn't expect - wearing her glasses.

Cecilia Abadie was pulled over in San Diego by a California Highway Patrol officer for speeding. But when the officer saw her high-tech eyewear, he ticketed her under a disputed California law.

"At one point I asked him, ‘It’s not illegal, right? And he said, ‘It actually is illegal,'" said Abadie, a Riverside County, Calif. resident. "I was shocked."

Abadie is a Google Glass Explorer - one of a select few allowed to buy the $1,500 glasses, which feature email, navigation, pictures and Google in a translucent prism she can see over her right eye.

"It's so comfortable, I forget to take it off even when I don't use it," she said.

The officer cited Abadie under a California law that bans the driver’s use of television, screens or monitors while driving.

The CHP defends the law, saying that the computerized glasses are a distraction.

In the meantime, Abadie says she won't be wearing her Google Glass behind the wheel anymore.

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