Live, From “30 Rock,” It's … “30 Rock”

As "30 Rock" tees up for another season, there's one night of the superlative comedy which is going to need a serious red circle on the calendar. The cast of television's best comedy is not doing just one live show on Oct. 14, but two.

The cast will amazingly do one live episode and then tee it up again for the West Coast. Simply amazing.

The crew went through an early draft of the show Thursday, executive producer Robert Carlock said in a conference call.

"We're mainly preparing by being as far ahead of it as we can be," he said. "It's a new thing for us."

The idea is so genius and yet obvious considering the live-television talent the show has from "SNL" break-outs Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan, to perpetual host Alec Baldwin.

"We certainly have the stable to do it," says Carlock.

One of the biggest problems is going to be the usual staple for the show -- the hilarious flashbacks incorporated through each episode. This is seemingly not possible on live television. "We can't have people teleporting to other sets," said Carlock.

But the creators are still going to give it a try by getting different actors to portray the characters in the flashback. That's going to be an interesting feat.

Get ready for some great twists all done without the safety net of just yelling "cut!" Besides the usual "30 Rock" magic, the sheer, fantastic novelty of the show is going to be a huge draw. That, and people counting on the on-air screw up.

"I'm worried about the number of mistakes we make from a usual shoot," Jack McBrayer (who plays NBC page Kenneth) said in the call. "We don't necessarily have that luxury."

But no doubt the little screw-up or giggle is only going to make the scene that much more memorable.

"The mistakes will be part of the fun,"  said Carlock.

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