George Lucas Bolsters “Star Wars” Blu-ray Release with High-End Book Set

George Lucas rarely misses an opportunity to repackage the "Star Wars" universe, but this time he's helping celebrate the saga's arrival on Blu-ray with a limited edition, high-end tribute to the films' cinematographers, art directors, and set designers.

How high-end? Try $3,000 high-end.

Lucasfilm has announced that they will begin shipping "Star Wars: Frames" - a shot-by-shot collection of stills from all six "Star Wars" movies hand-selected by Lucas- later this month. The books will kick off a year-long run-up to the release of all 6 movies on Blu-ray in September.

Packaged in an art-deco-inspired wooden case, the six-volume (each one focusing on one installment of the franchise) is limited to only 1,138 copies (a nod to Lucas' debut film "THX 1138" - numbers he references constantly in both the "Star Wars" and the Indiana Jones movies) and retails for $3,000.

In an official statement, Lucas revealed his reasons for honoring the technical aspects of the film through carefully-curated stills.

"Cinematography is not about technology," said Lucas. "it's about lighting, it's about composition, it's about taste. In the end, it's about understanding your craft."

The official "Star Wars" site has a video detailing the specifics of the set, and how the large-format images were selected.

Lucas also recently confirmed that all six "Star Wars" movies will be getting a new theatrical release in 3D, starting with "The Phantom Menace" in 2012.

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