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Violent Caught-on-Camera Punch at Basketball Game Leaves Calif. Teen With Concussion

The referee told NBCLA the other girl's mother allegedly said to her daughter, "You better go hit her"

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A teen was left with a concussion after another teen girl was caught on camera punching her at a Garden Grove, California, girls' basketball game Sunday.

It was the second and final game of the fall jamboree tournament at the Map Sports Facility on Sunday. The tournament features boys and girls from the second grade through varsity.

The SoCal Blaze team was up by at least 15 points when a player on the Dream Academy team tried for a 3-point shot but missed.

Moments later, shocking video shows the same player taking a swing at the other team’s 15-year old guard.

As soon as the punch is thrown, and the girl struck, Lauryn Ham, hit the floor, the referee's whistle can be heard blaring over the footage.

Alice Ham was not at her daughter's game, but according to the game referee, something was said before Lauryn was struck.

The referee told NBCLA the other girl's mother allegedly said to her daughter, "You better go hit her."

"She did it with intention. A mother inciting violence by telling her daughter go and attack my child," Ham said.

NBCLA reached out to the tournament organizers at the Antelope Valley Athletic Club but got no response.

According to the coach for the SoCal Blaze, the teenager who threw the punch is from LA. She was ejected from the gym. The coach says he ended the game.

NBCLA is not identifying the teen as she is underage.

Lauryn Ham’s mother says her daughter's love of basketball started in second grade. She went on to play in high school, then took her hoop skills as a guard into club play.

She says what happened on the court was diagnosed as a concussion. She is home and recovering.

An attorney for the other 14-year old girl’s family told NBCLA:

"It’s a very unfortunate incident involving two young minor girls. We are doing our best to investigate everything and anything that happened. Once we acquire all the necessary information we will make a statement."

As for Alice Ham, she considers the punch an assault and says she has filed a police report.

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