“Gangster Squad” Looking for a Leader, Who Will It Be If Aronofsky Says No?

With folks going gaga over "The Town," Ben Affleck was recently offered the chance to direct "The Gangster Squad," about a notorious lawman who patrolled L.A. in the '40s. But he turned it down and now it's been offered to Darren Aronofsky.

Well, the chances of Aronofsky taking it on seem low as he appears to be moving toward a reunion with his "Fountain" star Hugh Jackman on the set of "Wolverine 2."

So who will finally take the reigns on "Gangster Squad," the adaptation by former South Central cop Will Beal's of his own novel, about Sgt. John O' Mara's battle with gangster Mickey Cohen?  Greg Berlanti, Martin Campbell, Scott Cooper, Paul Greengrass and Francis Lawrence are the level three short list, according to Latino Review. Let's break down the candidates:

  • Greg Berlanti: He wrote "Green Lantern," but that hardly qualifies him. His only directorial film credits are "The Broken Hearts Club," and "Life as We Know It," neither of which scream "noir crime drama."
  • Martin Campbell: Working with Berlanti on "GL," he also directed James Bond in "Casino Royale," which, but for a 20-minute honey in the second act, was a great movie. Maybe.
  • Scott Cooper: Came out of nowhere to direct Jeff Bridges to his first Oscar in "Crazy Heart." He's a super nice guy, and he's made a nice start for himself, not sure he could handle something this big.
  • Paul Greengrass: The best name of the bunch, the man who helmed the last two "Bourne" films and "United 93." His last film, "Green Zone," tanked and Tony Gilroy will be directing the fourth "Bourne," so he's probably available.
  • Francis Lawrence: He made Manhattan looked magnificent in "I Am Legend," which was an otherwise meh film.

 Give it to Greengrass and let's be done with it.

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