FX Mob Drama Has Critical New Element: Southerners

You know, I’m really tired of organized crime families always being stereotyped in pop culture. They’re always Italian Americans from the tri-state area. That stereotyping completely ignores the treasure trove of OTHER dirtbags scattered across the contiguous 48 states. That’s why FX has taken the bold tack of setting its new organized crime drama in the SOUTH. That’s right! Southern mobsters, y’all! Instead of eating gabbagool, they eat ribs! And instead of blowing up your car, they blow up your Chevy pickup! Deadline has the scoop on their new pilot, Outlaw Country, which will apparently take place in Ford Country:

Luke Grimes and Haley Bennett have landed the younger leads on the FX drama pilot Outlaw Country, joining previously cast Mary Steenburgen. Additionally, Michael Dinner has come on board to direct the pilot, a crime thriller/family drama set against the backdrop of southern organized crime and Nashville royalty. Grimes (Brothers & Sisters) will play twentysomething Eli Larkin, a half-cowboy, half-modern guy who tries to get out of the crime ridden life he has grown accustom to in order to help his siblings, however he finds out that it is much harder than he expected. Bennett (Marley & Me) will play twentysomething Annabel Lee, a gorgeous country singer who is living in the shadow of her overprotective mother (Mary Steenburgen).

I like how Grimes’ character is described as a “half cowboy, half modern guy,” as if he exists in 2010 and 1867 simultaneously. He rides a horse AND uses an iPad!

I kid, of course. FX already waded into Southern territory successfully this year with “Justified,” which was a great show and a big hit, and no channel outside of AMC has a better track record when it comes to developing hourlong dramas. Dinner, who will be directing the pilot, also directed the “Justified” pilot, so all the pieces appear to be in place for another solid FX show. One day, I’ll figure out why FX does scripted shows so well, while regular Fox does them so, so poorly.

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