From Orphans to Freshmen: Boys From Mozambique Head to BYU

They were adopted separately and months apart in 2008

Forced to live in a Mozambique orphanage after AIDS killed their parents, Afonso Slater and Kelvin Lewis didn't have much growing up — but they always had each other.

Their strong bond endured as the boys were, coincidentally, both adopted by families in the same Phoenix suburb. Now the best friends are set to create even more memories together: They're going to the same college next year, NBC News reported.

Slater and Lewis are high school seniors in Gilbert, Arizona, and will attend Brigham Young University in Utah in the fall.

Their families, who adopted them separately and months apart in 2008, believe it was a "miracle" the boys ended up in the same town.

"It's almost impossible that two little boys out of 1.5 million orphans in Mozambique would land in Gilbert, Arizona, a mile apart from each other," said Lacinda Lewis, Kelvin's adoptive mom.

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