French Boy Digs Up Jar of Severed Fingers

Grisly find for seven-year-old boy

[Trans] fingers2.jpg

A French boy dug up a glass jar and found a grisly surprise inside: four severed fingers.

The seven-year-old boy was playing behind the gym of his school in Chilly-Mazarin, a suburb south of Paris, when he saw the jar sticking out of the ground, according to Reuters. He dug it out of the earth and saw four partially decomposed fingers floating in alcohol.

"With time the jar must have risen to the surface and the fingers were found in well-preserved condition," the police spokeswoman said.

Once the story got out, word came back that the missing digits had belonged to a local carpenter who had lost them in a woodworking accident. They couldn't be reattached, so the victim, who is still alive, buried them.

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