Caroline Carballeira

Fox News Host Ambushed With Water at Brooklyn Bar

Kat Timpf was attending a friend's campaign event in Brooklyn when a man doused her with water

Fox News host Kat Timpf was drenched with water in an apparent assault targeting the 28-year-old at a friend's campaign event in Brooklyn, N.Y. Monday evening.

Timpf, a libertarian co-host on "Fox News Specialists," was attending an event hosted by her friend and Brooklyn Borough presidential candidate, Ben Kissel, at Union Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when a man walked into the bar and dumped a bottle of water on her head, and then in her face.

The host described the encounter in a series of tweets, citing a "cruel climate" as the motivation behind the attack.

"I'm getting hate from people on all sides of the aisle bc have views that don't fit in with any particular party," Timpf wrote.

A police report has been filed to investigate the incident, but the man accused has not been found.

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