Forever 21 Accused of Fat Shaming After Mailing Diet Bars With Orders, Including Plus-Sized Orders

The clothing chain is facing allegations of body shaming and encouraging eating disorders for sending Atkins meal replacement bars with its online orders

Clothing store Forever 21 is being accused of fat shaming after it sent Atkins diet bars with their online orders, including plus-sized orders, NBC News reported.

Twitter users who ordered from the store, popular among teenage girls, shared pictures of the Atkins meal replacement bars that came with their clothes. Many of the women who thought the promotion was in bad taste said the bars were included with their order of plus-sized items.

"BUSINESS TIP: If you're selling a product geared to Fat people, probably best not to tell them that you want to eradicate fat bodies... FYI we're not only fat, we're fierce too and you're not getting our money anymore! *cough* @forever21 *cough*," author Rebecca Sky tweeted.

The Atkins diet peaked in popularity in 2003 and 2004, ushering in the age of bun-less burgers and special low-carb menus at chain restaurants. Recently, Atkins has been marketing itself as a less strict, but just-as-effective version as 2019's diet du jour, Keto.

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