For Simon Money, Diddy Would do “Idol”

Rap mogul tells George Lopez it'd be a lucrative blast

Another day, another big name enters the scramble to replace Simon Cowell.

Rap mogul Diddy told George Lopez, he'd be more than happy to judge new talent on "American Idol" if he can get paid like Cowell.

“At first when people were asking me if I was interested in the job I was like no … that’s not my style,” Diddy told George Lopez on Wednesday’s "Lopez Tonight." “But once I heard what Simon makes … [I] would love the job. I’ve got six kids. If I would get the same check Simon gets … we would have a ball.”

That puts Diddy in company with Justin Timberlake, Donald Trump, Elton John, Brett Michaels, Harry Connick Jr., Shania Twain, Chris Isaak, Courtney Love

It's unknown exactly how much Cowell earned as judge on the hit Fox show, but it was a reported $36 million in 2009 and he was reportedly offered as much as $144 million per year to stay on for the upcoming season, according to the New York Post. If he turned down that kind of money, others surely wouldn't.

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