Foo Fighters ‘RickRoll' Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

The Foo Fighters have single-handedly made the "RickRolling" prank awesome again—and in the most divine way.

On Friday in Kansas City, Missouri, Dave Grohl and his rock band rode on the back of a pickup truck near Sprint Center and blasted Rick Astley's spectacularly cheesy 1987 pop hit, "Never Gonna Give You Up," in front of a crowd of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church who arrived to picket against their concert that night.

Scores of fans joined the counter-protest. A video was also posted on the Sprint Center's Instagram page.

The demonstration marked the Kansas-based group's second protest against Foo Fighters in four years. Members and supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church travel the country regularly to spread its anti-gay campaign, appearing outside celebrity events, such as the Oscars, as well as, at U.S. soldiers' funerals. They call Foo Fighters "enablers" of gay people and "Fools Fighting God."

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Watch another video of the protest and counter-protest below, shot by a fan (warning: contains offensive language):

Their protesters appeared unfazed on Friday by the Foo Fighters' counter-protest, during which a man danced in a tight purple Foo Fighters T-shirt and a colorful pair of Speedos and drummer Taylor Hawkins held up a sign that read, "You got RickRoll'd."

Another sign read, "Keep It Clean," a nod to the group's 2011 song of the same name, whose lyrics include the line, "Think I'm in the mood for some hot-man muffins." Foo Fighters performed the track on a big rig in Kansas City that year to counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators.

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"Sometimes you can't just sit there and do nothing," Grohl said, while sitting and strumming a guitar onstage at Friday's concert, as seen in another fan-made video. "You gotta go out and say what you wanna say. So we did it!"

"We were sitting backstage and someone said, 'Guess who's coming tonight?' And I said 'Who?' And they said, 'Them.' And I said, 'Why?' And they said, 'Cuz.' And I said, 'Cool. Let's go out. Hang out with them,'" he continued. "So, we didn't have enough time to put together the big old show that we put on last time," he continued. "So we figured, 'You know what? Why don't we just f--king RickRoll their ass.'"

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