Florida Man Jailed For Calling 911 on Clingy Wife

He just wanted her to sit somewhere else so he could check Facebook

A Florida man is behind bars after calling 911 on his wife for bothering him as he tried to check his Facebook page.

Doyle Hardwick, 57, complained to 911 operators that he "just wanted someone to make my wife do what I wanted her to do." He gave her eight beers so she would fall asleep and he could use the social media site in peace, but when that failed, he called the emergency number.

"[Caller] says him and his wife are sitting next to each other," the 911 transcript said, according to the Miami Herald. "[Caller] is upset because she wouldn't let him look at Facebook peacefully."

He was still on the phone with the 911 operator when police walked into the couple's trailer, according to a Pasco County police report.

Officers confirmed the story with his wife, Julie Hardwick. "Her husband asked her to not sit next to him and she told him she didn't feel like sitting anywhere else," they wrote.

The man was charged with misuse of 911 and sentenced to 60 days behind bars March 1. When he did not show up for his sentence, an arrest warrant was issued against him and he turned himself in Tuesday.

Police say it wasn’t Hardwick’s first misuse of 911. In 2010, he called for a ride to his daughter’s house, as well as to report that his neighbors had been “defecating into old vehicle fuel tanks."

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