Caught on Video: Flash Mob Robbers Hit Clothing Store

Sixteen thieves flee with $5,000 worth of merchandise

Police are looking for up to 16 people who walked out of Chicago store with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise last week.

The thieves targeted the K&G Fashion Superstore in the city's South Side on 75th Street and Stony Island at about 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Security cameras caught the group calmly walking out of the store with large bags of clothing, shoes and other items. At least $5,000 was believed to have been stolen.

"Male and females come in this store with their own bags, fill their bags up and just come tumbling out of the store," community activist Andrew Holmes said.

Holmes said the thieves obviously had a choreographed plan.

"They came in, they separated, some on the east side of the store (and) the south side of the store," Holmes said.

A manager saw what was happening and managed to snatch a few of the bags away on the sidewalk, but a company rule limits physical contact with customers, so the thieves were able to run away.

"If they get away with it once, they'll come back again and do it again with a larger crew," Holmes said.

It's believed the thieves went to the store at least once to case it out beforehand.

K&G officials did not return calls for comment.


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