Brawl Breaks Out at Southern California Mall

A dispute outside a Southern California sports bar Sunday escalated into a brutal brawl between about a dozen men in an incident caught on camera.

Cellphone video posted on Facebook shows a group of men - several of them wearing football jerseys - punching and kicking each other to the ground outside a Buffalo Wild Wings at Stonewood Center in Downey. Some of them lost their shirts before bystanders helped break up the fight.

The video caption claims an argument that started inside the establishment between San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers fans spilled onto the sidewalk.

The two teams met in a Sunday morning game won by the Steelers, 43-18. The caption claims the 49ers fans had "started problems."

Downey police were called and interviewed some of the men involved. They said no injuries were reported and no charges had been filed.

Police were investigating the incident, including interviewing Buffalo Wild Wings workers.

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