Male Train Passenger Files Suit Against CTA

A fifth passenger on the train that crashed at O'Hare International Airport Monday has filed a negligence lawsuit against the CTA.

Latherow Law Office announced Thursday it filed the suit on behalf of 53-year-old Eric Cates of Park Ridge.

The suit claims Cates was waiting at the Rosemont stop for a southbound train, but after it took longer than expected, he boarded the third car of the northbound train in order to wait at the sheltered O'Hare station. The train he boarded was the one that ultimately crashed.

Cates, who is unemployed, claims he was unable to walk due to a knee injury suffered in the crash, and had to be taken off of the train by emergency workers.

The law office representing Cates is also representing passengers Niakesha Thomas and Milka Overton.

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