Ex-“Survivor” Tries Reality Sandbar Stunt

Sean Kenniff appeared on the first season of Survivor

If a former reality TV show contestant holds a book signing in the middle of the ocean, would anyone care?

If it is on the now famous Biscayne Bay sandbar, maybe they would.

Like a true sea sponge, or publicity-starved leech, Sean Kenniff attempted to piggyback on the recent sandbar act Tuesday, kayaking out to the middle of the bay and setting up a book signing venue.

Kenniff, who appeared on the very first "Survivor," purposely marooned himself on the tiny island where a grand piano and a restaurant scene have recently appeared to much fanfare.

He set up a table, chair and a few copies of his latest book, "Être the Cow," hoping that passersby would drift over to his island and ask for an autographed copy.

A few people waved. No one stopped to get a book, even though Kenniff -- a neurologist and former "Dr. Sean" on WFOR who admits the sandbar stunt was a publicity grab -- was handing them out for free. 

But at least Kenniff wasn't booted off the island as he was in Malaysia. Officials said it wasn't illegal for Kenniff to be there as long as he cleaned up his mess.

"The guy can be there all day as long as he cleans up," said Florida Wildlife Commission Officer Jorge Pino. "Then he can leave."

Kenniff plans to stick it out on the sandbar until the early evening, so if you want to meet a struggling author/ex-reality show star or maybe score a free book, grab a paddle and come on down.

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