Every Officer ‘Not Out to Get You': Police Tip List Sparks Backlash on Social Media

The Chicago Police Department has released a list of "ways to stay safe in any neighborhood" and the list has prompted some criticism on social media.

The list of 14 tips was tweeted by the department Friday but relate mostly to situations involving police and ways to avoid confrontation with officers. 

Among the tips was a note to "remember that every police officer is not 'out to get you.'"

The Chicago Police Department said the list was tweeted at random and not in connection with a specific incident or event. 

The list includes the following advice:

  1. Remember that your actions and attitude can impact the situation positively or negatively.
  2. Remember that every police officer is not “out to get you.”
  3. Be smart about with whom, when and where you hang out
  4. Do not run if you are approached by the police
  5. Do not curse or raise your voice – try to stay calm. Remember—confrontation leads to confrontation.
  6. Keep your hands visible at all times
  7. If you are pulled over, keep your hands on the steering wheel until the officer steps up to the vehicle and speaks to you.
  8. Before allowing someone in your car, ask if they have any illegal weapons or drugs with them. If allowing them to drive your car, ask if they have a valid license as well.
  9. Know who and what is in your car when you are giving rides.
  10. In a car, avoid playing the music loudly, having too many people in the car and having open alcohol containers.
  11. Do not resist arrest.
  12. Settle issues that are in dispute with the police with the Independent Review Authority or in court—not at the scene.
  13. In case of police misconduct, remember the officer’s name or star number or call 911 and ask for a supervisor.
  14. To report police misconduct, call IPRA at (312) 746-3594 or make a report on-line at www.iprachicago.org or www.chicagopolice.org

The “tips” list has received some criticism from Twitter users who say it doesn’t address some of the issues many have encountered with police.


According to a report by the Better Government Association, Chicago has had the most police-involved shootings of any big city in the U.S.

The report claims Chicago police have shot and killed 70 people over a five-year period, the highest number among America’s 10 largest cities.

The city ranks fourth, behind Phoenix, Philadelphia and Dallas, when the numbers are adjusted for population, the BGA said.

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