Daughter of Latin Music Icons Emily Estefan Steps Out in Her Own Sound

The daughter of Latin music icons Gloria and Emilio Estefan made her musical debut Thursday at the Festival Miami one day before the release of her first studio album. She may be a splitting image of her mother, but Emily Estefan’s music style is her own.

The 22-year-old rocked the house at the annual Frost School of Music event at the University of Miami.

Estefan performed original music from her debut album titled “Take Whatever You Want.” She played the drums, piano and electric guitar in a blend of soulful and pop sounds. She also covered classic songs that she says mean a lot to her, including some of her mother’s mega hits. Estafan calls her mother “La Conga Queen.”

Her parents say they are extremely proud and impressed by Emily’s talent.

“I am very proud of Emily because she is the best musician of the family,” said Gloria Estefan.

Her father, Emilio, says his daughter grew up with him in the studio and that she’s been able to study what he wasn’t able to do.

“She graduated from Berklee with a Master’s Degree. And, now she has the flavor of Miami. What I’m proud of the most is that she has done this all by herself,” said Emilio.

Emily Estefan’s album “Take Whatever You Want” is available on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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