Electoral Blogorrhea

Keep up with Election '08 on the Internet

Popular Science looks at how technology shaped the 2008 election, for the worse. From hacked email accounts to touchscreen fetishes, sci-tech may have had as much influence on the electoral process as television did when JFK ran against Nixon.

Politico runs down some bellweathers that will signal which way the race is breaking and give you a chance to double down on your electoral bets.

The Chicago Tribune's political blog The Swamp has video of a man awed that he grew up in an Oklahoma town where a black man wasn't allowed to be on the street after sundown and was now watching Sen. Barack Obama on the verge of becoming President. "Meanwhile, Tamara Bennett, a middle-aged black woman, told Wilkerson she was sorry her mother and father didn't live to see today and never thought she would either to which Wilkerson said he was glad she did. "

Time Magazine's Mark Halperin names the top five most important people not running for president and two of them are George W. Bush.

Over at the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, there's allegations of voter fraud. "For all of those who argue that fraudulent voter registrations, like registration forms with false addresses, don’t lead to voter fraud, the Election Journal report on an Obama field organizer in North Carolina who is registered in three states and has voted in two. Farah Minwalla is apparently registered to vote in North Carolina, New York, and Nevada."

Division Street has a rundown of Chicago's election night parties.

The LA Times has video on a California ballot initiative that will determine the fate of same sex marriage in the state.

Perennial candidate Ralph Nader gave uncharacteristically brief answers to questions at a press conference, limiting himself to one-word responses.

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