Bustling “Northwest East Village” Welcomes New Residents

The "Northwest East Village" spans from East 11th to East 14th and Avenue A to Third Avenue.

The developers of the condominium at 211 East 13th street in a section of Lower Manhattan have come up with a new name for their hood, the "Northwest East Village," leaving many to wonder if their name will stick. The New York Times reports that they might be trying to "freshen the images of the area," or to create a buzz about the building.

Normally, the East Village has been considered East 14th, to East Houston, and Third Avenue to Avenue D. The "Northwest East Village" spans from East 11th to East 14th Street, and Avenue A to Third Avenue. 

The 82-unit condo was named for a vaudeville theater that used to stand at the site. To advertise for it, posters have been slapped up promising "Everything works!" and "Central air-conditioning!" in the style of old movie posters. Apartments start at $1,600 a square foot, which is reasonable compared to other new downtown condos. So far, 56 of the units have gone into contract.

Henry Hershkowitz, who has lived and worked in the East Village for years, was the sales director for one of the neighborhood's first luxury condos, 123 Third Avenue. He admits he had no idea what to call the area, either, before developers settled on calling it "East Union Square." There, a two-bedroom is listed at about $1,600 a square foot, but is planned to sell over the asking price.

Other condos can be found at 110 Third Avenue, where a two-bedroom is listed at $1,500 a foot. The 96-unit A Building condo on East 13th Street has a three-bedroom penthouse listed at $1,900 a foot. 

Since people are buying in the "Northwest East Village," perhaps a new name is in order, after all.

Read the full story on the New York Times.

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