East Coast Basking in West Coast-like Weather

Put the shovel and salt away and break out the sun glasses

After having nearly a foot of snow dumped on the east coast last week, the mercury inched closer to spring this weekend with temperatures reaching as high as 70 degrees in Washington D.C.

The beautiful weather not only melted away the last remnants of last week's winter blast, but it allowed people to put the shovel away and break out the spring clothes.

Philadelphia will see a high of 66 today and 64 tomorrow, but it won't end there as Wednesday is expected to hit a high of 60. New York will reach 60 today and 55 tomorrow. New Yorkers better take full advantage of the great weather because the rest of the week the temperatures will sink back into the 40's.

Washington D.C. got the highest temperatures on the east coast reaching 72 today and 73 Sunday. President Barack Obama was taking advantage of the weather, heading to Camp David for the weekend. Connecticut hit 64 today and 57 tomorrow with a chance of rain. No one would know that just last week there were snow plows roaring down the streets spreading salt. Today, those snow plows were replaced by ice cream trucks.

The west coast, as always, had magnificent temperatures. San Diego was steady at 64 this weekend and the rest of the week will have temperatures bouncing around the mid 60's. Los Angeles wins the award for best weather as they will see temperatures hit the high 60's this weekend and low 70's and sunny for the rest of the week.

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