Dying Wisconsin Woman Plans Goodbye Party as Funeral

Dying woman throwing a party this weekend instead of having a funeral

Diana Purdy Brown of Janesville is dying, and the 52-year-old doesn't want her family's last memories to be of her lying in a coffin.

So instead of having a funeral she's throwing a party this weekend to see everyone one last time and tell them how much they mean to her.

A Janesville Gazette report says Brown was diagnosed in September with pancreatic cancer. Doctors told her she had six to nine months to live, but she doesn't think she'll live that long.

So she's making the most of every day. She took her children on a cruise and she visits relatives. She also decided her family shouldn't have to endure her funeral.

So she's having a party Sunday, to say her final goodbyes and share time with loved ones.

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