“I Know He Killed Stacy”: Drew Peterson's Stepbrother

Drew says he was just looking to store tires

Thomas Morphey, stepbrother of former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson, told “Good Morning America” in an interview aired Monday that he’s convinced Peterson killed his fourth wife.

“I know he killed Stacy,” Morphey said. “All the circumstances point to it.”

Appearing with his girlfriend Sheryl Alcox, Morphey said Peterson asked him “How much do you love me?” Morphey said he told him he loved him, but not enough to kill for him.

Morphey described the hours before, during and after he helped Peterson move a blue barrel from Peterson’s home into his SUV, a barrel Morphey now believes contained the body of Stacy Peterson. Morphey’s first television interview followed similar revelations to the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

“I said ‘What about the smell?’” Morphey said on “Good Morning America.”  “He said it was in a sealed container.”

Morphey added: “I knew it wasn’t good. He was planning on killing someone.”

Morphey said Peterson drove him home with the blue barrel in the back of his Yukon Denali. When he dropped him off, Morphey said Peterson told him that the incident never happened.

“I said ‘I won’t say a word,’” Morphey said Monday.

Morphey was hospitalized after trying to kill himself following the alleged barrel moving incident. He then was put into state police custody for two months.

He has yet to testify before an ongoing grand jury investigating Stacy’s disappearance and the death of Peterson’s third wife.

Morphey isn’t the only one speaking out.

Peterson appeared on WIND-AM (560) Sunday with WIND personality Geoff Pinkus and newswoman Amy Jacobson, saying he and Morphey visited a storage facility the day before Stacy disappeared because he needed a place to store tires that were cluttering his garage.

He said he was just looking and didn’t rent the storage space.

Morphey said during the Monday interview that part of him wishes he had rented the unit.

“Sometimes I wish I had rented that locker just because we’d know where she was,” he said, adding “I partially think the locker was put in my name so he could set me up.”

Morphey called himself “the perfect target for (Peterson)” because of “credibility issues.” The “Good Morning America” reporter said Morphey has a bipolar disorder, and Morphey has said he’s struggled with drug and alcohol problems.

Peterson repeatedly has denied any involvement in the disappearance of Stacy, his fourth wife, or the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio. Savio was found dead in her bathtub in 2004. No charges have been filed against anyone in either of the cases.

Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky has attacked Morphey’s credibility, noting that he has yet to be called to tell his story to the grand jury despite extensive interviews with the Illinois State Police.

Morphey said in the interview Monday that Brodsky’s job is to attack his credibility.

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