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Dow Closes Above 25,000 for First Time

The U.S. private sector added 250,000 jobs in December, according to two private reports released before the opening bell

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 25,000 for the first time on Thursday following the release of stronger-than-expected jobs data.

"The Dow hitting 25,000 was a pretty wild idea even a year ago. And while its symbolically important, the real story is never just a number. It's the underlying strength that is pushing markets this high," said Steve Claussen, vice president of trader strategy at E-Trade.

The Dow broke above 24,000 for the first time on Nov. 30, or 35 calendar days prior to hitting 25,000. It also took the Dow just 35 days to rise from 20,000 to 21,000 last year.

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