Don’t Block My House Beyonce

"Why Don't You Love Me" shoot angers homeowner

"Unspecified damages" sounds like a name of a great Beyonce song. But Philip Markowitz says that's what he's suing the "Single Ladies" singer and a producer for.

Markowitz says access to his Mt. Olympus home was blocked for hours during a video and still photography session for the R&B singer/actress and now he wants compensation. He's seeking unspecified damages from the singer and producer Dina Ciccotello on private nuisance and trespass allegations.

A representative for Beyonce singer was not immediately available for comment on the Los Angeles Superior Court complaint.

According to the suit, the video shoot for the Beyonce song "Why Don't You Love Me," with a crew of about 30 people, took place March 26, beginning about 7 a.m. and lasting until 11 p.m.

The plaintiff said the activity made it difficult for him to come and go, and he had to get an off-duty officer to "guide him past the obstructions."

The plaintiff says he was "disturbed all day with noise and his dog barking at the crew while they trespassed on his driveway."

Markowitz says that when he demanded compensation for his inconvenience - - he had previously received $10,000 for use of his property -- Ciccotello told him the shoot had a low budget and the payment could only be approved "in concept."

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