Trump: ‘Brexit' Would Not Put UK at ‘Back of Queue' With US

Obama indicated in April the U.S. would opt to finalize the TTIP with the EU before opening trade discussions with Britain, should it exit the trading bloc

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said the U.K. leaving the European Union would not impact trade between the U.S. and Britain if he were to become president, NBC News reported.

In an interview with Pierce Morgan for ITV's "Good Morning Britain," Trump said although he had "big investments" in the U.K., he had "no preference" on the June 23 Brexit vote.

Asked by Morgan if the U.K. would go "to the back of the queue" if Britain chose to leave — a reference to Barack Obama's assertion the U.S. would prefer to trade with large blocs like the EU — Trump said "certainly not."

"With me, [Britain will] always be treated fantastically well," he added.

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