Trump Backtracks on Retweet Insulting Iowa Voters

Controversy has once again cropped up over something on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, this time after the presidential candidate retweeted a message Thursday that insinuated corn was giving people in the key primary state of Iowa brain issues, NBC News reported.

The retweet read: "@mygreenhippo #BenCarson is now leading in the #polls in #Iowa. Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain? #Trump #GOP"

But in a rare move, Trump returned to Twitter Thursday afternoon to assert he has nothing but love for Iowa and its highly courted presidential caucus-goers – but he fell short of apologizing, blaming an intern instead.

It’s not the first time Trump’s interns have shouldered the blame for controversial Twitter activity. A representative said in April that "one of the 10 staff members" was at fault for retweeting a questionable comment about Hillary Clinton.

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