Capitol Riot

DOJ Wants Prison Time for Rioter Who Said She Would ‘Absolutely' Storm Capitol Again

The Department of Justice said Jenny Cudd, a Texas flower shop owner, should serve 75 days in prison

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A Texas flower shop owner who bragged about storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and said she'd "absolutely" do it again should be sentenced to 75 days behind bars, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Justice Department attorneys argued that Jenny Cudd — a Donald Trump supporter who admitted that she called for a "revolution" before the Jan. 6 attack, said rioters "did break down" the door of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and said in an interview she would storm the Capitol again "in a heartbeat" — should serve 75 days in prison followed by supervised release for 12 months.

Cudd, who was granted permission in February 2021 to go to Mexico for a "bonding retreat" with her employees, said in a social media video after the Capitol riot that former Vice President Mike Pence had "betrayed" the "patriots."

Cudd also said in a video she was “proud of everything" she was a part of on Jan. 6 and that she'd be "proud of everything that I’m a part of at the next one." Those statements, the Justice Department argued, showed a clear lack of remorse.

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