Dogs Stolen From Woman's Driveway Returned Safe After Desperate Facebook Plea

A pair of beloved dogs that a woman says were inside her SUV when it was stolen from her driveway over the weekend are back home, safe and sound.

Breezy Bozik updated her Facebook post with the good news Monday morning, adding a huge "thank you to everyone who helped me." It's not clear where the Bloomfield woman's dogs were found, nor how they were returned, but Bozik had said they were in a Range Rover that was stolen from her Bloomfield driveway around 5:45 p.m. Sunday.

The vehicle was recovered not far away in Newark a short time later, but the dogs -- a 1-year-old female white lab named Nova and a brown and white 8-year-old bulldog named Dude -- were not inside. 

Bozik's initial Facebook post was shared more than 3,580 times in 13 hours, with many commenters planning to spread the word on their own pages and in their communities. The happy update was shared more than 300 times within 30 minutes. 

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