Diners Caught Bailing on Bill After Locking Keys in Getaway Car

Teen goes to police station for help


Four cheapskate customers at an upstate New York restaurant were reportedly busted after police said they tried to dine and dash – but left keys to their getaway car locked inside it.

State police said that moments before a Syracuse restaurant phoned in the theft report, a 17-year-old woman had entered their station complaining that she’d locked her keys in her car, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reported.

Troopers suggested the woman call AAA, but she instead asked for the number of a local garage, the paper reported.

Soon after the woman left the station troopers were dispatched to Cinderella's Restaurant. They found the same 17-year-old waiting outside a car with three other suspects, ages 18, 20 and 17, NBC affiliate WKTV reported.

All four gave conflicting stories and the group was arrested for theft of services.

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