Demi Moore's Next Role: Mom to Miley Cyrus

Demi Moore might play the mother of two adorable (and fake) children in "The Joneses," but she's heading for the parental big time in her next role -- that of Miley Cyrus' screen mother.

Moore, 48, will start shooting "LOL" with Cyrus, 18, in July in a remake of the French film by the same name.

Speaking at "The Joneses" press day, Moore says her own children "definitely admire" Cyrus. And after their first face-to-face last week, Moore admitted she is becoming a fan, too.

"She's going to do an amazing job," said Moore. "She's extremely talented."

And there will be no need for extra parenting off the set, Moore added, because "(Miley) comes from a really solid family."

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