Danbury Bank Hides Free Cash Around City So Residents Can Pay It Forward

A bank in Danbury, Connecticut, is hoping to get residents into the holiday spirit by literally paying it forward and giving away envelopes filled with cash.

Employees of the Savings Bank of Danbury have hidden at least 50 envelopes around the city since Tuesday, each containing $50 in cash, as part of the bank’s Spirit of Giving campaign.

Residents will need to search streets and stores, and bank officials hope those who find the cash will give it away to someone in need. Each envelope come with instruction on what to do with it.

"It’s up to the person to decide where they’d like to pay that forward," said bank CEO Kathleen Romagnano. "They can keep some of it, they can give all of it away; I’m hoping some will take some extra funds out of their pocket and give some additional out."

Those who find envelopes and share their stories on the bank's Facebook page by Dec. 31 will be entered into a drawing to have $250 donated to a charity of choice.

"I think this is good because, not all the time, you have to receive," said Danbury resident Yinet Peralta. "You have to sometimes give too."

The bank will post hints every day on its Facebook page.

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