DiCaprio & Tarantino Will Be Under the Tree on Christmas 2012

Quentin Tarantino's slave revenge saga doesn't yet have an actor cast in the title role, but we know when it's gonna be here, so that's something.

"Django Unchained," Tarantino's film about a slave-turned-gunslinger out for vengeance, will be released Dec. 25, 2012, according to Box Office Mojo.

Will Smith was originally thought to be taking the lead, but now Jamie Foxx is said to be the frontrunner. Already cast are Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz as the German bounty hunter who mentors Django, and Leonardo DiCaprio is allegedly signed to play Calvin Candie, the object of Django's revenge.

Christmas 2012 is a Tuesday, which seems like an odd day to open a film, but "Django Unchained" has the day to itself and has got to be better than sitting around with your family.

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