D23 Expo's Merch-Tastic Retailers Revealed

The everything-Disney convention will have plenty of exclusive items for mavens of Mickey and more

NOT SO LONG AGO? As in a decade back? You had to enter a person's home or perhaps office to know what they loved to collect. But that's not the case nowadays, with Instagram informing us of people's interests and conventions providing cosplay opportunities, further giving us a chance to understand the people around us. If you're such a collector, and you're devoted to Disney, or perhaps you like to just pick up a fresh hat or tee now and then, you know that one of the ultimate places to do so is at D23 Expo. That's the...

MEGA-MONDO DISNEY CONVENTION... that will fill the Anaheim Convention Center from Aug. 23-25, and alongside the movie star appearances and themed experiences, there is merchandise, Matterhorn-big mountains of memorable merchandise, with much of it of the limited-time variety, or the not-so-easy-to-find variety, or both. D23 Expo recently revealed some of the retailers fans can expect to see, and, oh hot dog, these are collection-building stop-bys, for sure. Look for...

THE LEGACY COLLECTION, if you love the anniversaries of classic characters and properties. It's Donald Duck's 85th, and a host of pins and wearables will celebrate the icon, while the 90th anniversary of "Silly Symphonies" will be honored through a t-shirt, pins, and more. Adore "The Little Mermaid"? It's the 30th anniversary of Ariel & co., and ornament sets, dolls, and other under-the-sea-y delights will be for sale at the expo. Other cool items on the retail line-up include a Pixar campus hat, a limited edition "Wreck-It Ralph" shadow box, a limited edition "Black Panther" shadow box, and several sweet finds connected to the 25th anniversary of "The Lion King."

AND, YEP, there shall be merchandise themed to D23 Expo, if you want to show your pals you were there. For more on the late-August weekend, what actors will show, the famous Masquerade, and the retail experience, follow what's happening here, Mousekeeteers, for more on one of the most collectible-cool conventions around.

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