Cubs Fan Writes Epic Note to Professor Before Skipping Class to Watch World Series

"Because of the timing of Game 6, and the likelihood that there will be a Game 7 on Wednesday (I'm an optimist,) I will, unfortunately, not be able to attend class on Wednesday"

Take notes Cubs fans – this may be the best “get out of class” note ever.

Julie Block’s father grew up living across the street from Wrigley Field and her family has been huge Cubs fans her entire life.

But going to school in Indiana, the English writing major at DePauw University knew she would face a dilemma as her beloved team headed into Game 6 of the World Series.

“After the game on Sunday, I was in Wrigley at the time,” she told NBC Chicago. “That’s when I knew I can’t leave this city during this time. I have to stay and witness the atmosphere because it’s just incredible.” [[397242041, C]]

So she did the only thing she could think to do — she wrote a very convincing letter to her professor.

"There comes a time in everyone's life when they must decide between learning history and experiencing history,” the letter began. “Alas, that time for me is now. With the Chicago Cubs off to Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday evening, I have chosen the latter (although I prefer to recognize it as a civic duty more than a "choice;" see below.) Given that I am in Chicago for a job interview today anyway, I have decided that I cannot leave the city and miss out on a once-in-108-years opportunity to witness this historic moment. Because of the timing of Game 6, and the likelihood that there will be a Game 7 on Wednesday (I'm an optimist,) I will, unfortunately, not be able to attend class on Wednesday. I understand if this is recognized as an unexcused absence; however, I would like to lay out a few reasons why I think the World Series is a viable excuse for missing class."

Block goes on list six reasons why she believes her absence should be excused:

1. I am a journalist, and it is said that the news is the first draft of history. It would go against my journalistic integrity if I did not get as close to the making of said history as possible.

2. I feel it is imperative that I document the Chicago atmosphere during this time so that, when it is studied in this exact class a few hundred years from now, it will be historically accurate.

3. Were I to return to campus for Wednesday's class, my level of distraction would likely be so high that I would cause more of a disruption by being there than by not being there. My absence will be for the good of the class as a whole.

4. Four generations of Blocks have come and gone without witnessing the a World Series win. For the sake of my ancestors, I must see what they could not.

5. I do not know if I will have the pleasure of living in Chicago again once graduation rolls around in May, so this may be my only chance to be in the city when my home team wins it all. It is, quite literally, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

6. My father is Jewish and my mother is Catholic, so my family does not have a recognized religious affiliation. However, we do all have Cubs Christmas stockings and a Cubs menorah, in addition to sending out a Cubs-themed Christmas card every year, so I consider myself religiously affiliated with the Cubs. Really, I will be absent due to a religious holiday. 

Block figured she got her point across.

“I think I laid out a pretty solid argument why I won’t be there and he knows how big of a Cubs fan I am so I think he understood it pretty well,” she said. [[396422321, C]]

It didn’t take long for her professor to respond – echoing the undeniably humorous tone that filled Block’s note.

"Ha--wow! I really enjoyed reading your rationale, which is probably the most creative and thoughtful ‘I won't be in class’ note I've had in 21 years of teaching,” Professor Harry Brown wrote. 

He then goes on to explain his classroom policy, which allows students three absences, excused or not. After those three, future absences could impact a student’s grade, barring any serious circumstances.

He noted that after missing Monday’s class, Block had two cuts. Wednesday would be three.

“You're in great shape if you don't miss class after that,” he wrote. “For the sake of your family, the city of Chicago, and the whole human race, I hope the Cubs don't blow it! W!"

Brown told NBC 5 Block is a “great member of my class” and said “her letter was among the most memorable and forthright explanations for missing a class that I've received in 20 years of teaching.”

The Cubs managed to stay alive against the Indians in Game 6 of the World Series Tuesday night. Block gets to root for her team one more time during Wednesday's Game 7. 

For anyone else in need of an excuse note for that game, the Cubs have got you covered. They put out a form letter saying that they need each supporter to help them "#FlytheW."

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